Meet Sara

Founder & Lead Consultant of The Strategy Place

I deliver sensible, insight led, customer strategies. Everything is based on data rather than anecdote and I work hard to ensure the work delivered is pragmatic, practical and ultimately implementable.


I tend to work at C-suite level and am comfortable working together to define clear objectives and deliverables. We need to know where we’re trying to get to on our journey together and how we’ll know we’ve done a good job.


Projects tend to be outcome based rather than output. I’m all about the impact of actions rather than the activity itself. Saying that, I also work hard to ensure the right supporting processes, systems and structures are in place to facilitate success.


I tend to be involved in strategically transitional work. This could be a move to digitisation, consolidation of teams, delivery of new business models or get/keep/grow customer strategies. My background gives me a genuine breadth of experience across purpose, brand, proposition, channel and organisational design.


Many of my clients are ‘repeat buyers’ which is a wonderful endorsement of a successful partnership approach to delivering great work.